Blessings to Nanette Carrillo Tron

My name is Nanette Carrillo Tron.
I would like to ask the American people for a blessing.
I was told I was illegal from Mexico most of my life.
This last year they found out I was born American and Washington has the record
without a doubt. Birth certificate, ID card. footprint. and fingerprint and
authenticated certificate from Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas
October 20, 1961. I was born in the U.S.A.

However I was deported. no friends in U.S.A. or Mexico.

Lord bless me and Washington bless me with peace love,
and joy and work.
I was disciplined for working, It was legal and I was told I was retarded.
I do not receive that.
I believe I am smart and blessing to me.

Lord please bless me today with love and happiness and respect.

Lord please bless those who persecute me.

Lord bless me Lord, bless Me Lord.

I had been kissed and sexual with my biological father. Lord
please help me to do well and do something smart with my life.

Lord listen to your child praying. Send me faith send me money send me respect
and love.

Send me a car and a house and blessing.

Oh Lord answer my prayers with yes and Amen.

Hallelujah I will rejoice and be glad!
This year I will put God and health first place in my life
I want a child named Shanandoah and Cobra and Ivory.

Lord send me power.


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