Devotion With Nanette T.

I have prayed and I believe what the world needs now is love.

God is good and he works through people , usually Christian people.

I am an Ordained Minister and Me and my family of three need a car very badly.

My address is 2800 Hirschfield Rd. Apt. 181, Spring, Texas 77373,  I would like a blessing

toward a new car or used one.  I love to write poetry and I love to make friends.  I do not

have many friends, right now, but I would like some more.

Please pray for my health and my deliverance from diabetes.  God bless me and God

bless my family and the U.S.A.   Love someone today.

If I were God I would meet the peoples needs, of food hunger and shelter and work.
I would help everyone to make a good living and work in peace and live in peace.

God help us all and help me to get a job, a house and a car in Jesus name.

Help me lord to make deposits into the bank and save money,  I pray in Jesus

name,  Amen.


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