Peace in Spring, Texas today.

I have a lot of love and blessing to receive.

God is bigger than all of our problems. Hallelujah.

Bought some dog dpruce for my doggie today.  Went grocery shopping and made a

blog on the internet with my picture.  Watched the news on television.

Congratulations are in order for President George W. Bush’s new grandchild.  God bless.

May the good Lord bless and keep me to.  I pray that this is the year I get a book published and that I get everything good in life and buy a house.  God is good and I pray He does not forget me or fail me.

I am praying for a new baby, a car and a house and friends and love and

my son Joshua to get a new purple belt in kung fu. and for him to learn the saxaphone and guitar and get new clothes.

Pray for all the saints and the masses too.

The Lord is good , His mercies endure forever.

I want to save a lot of money this year and keep my health and apartment.

It is good to pray and be bless and it is good to be in the house of the Lord.

Love someone today.


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