I wish I could do my whole life over a lot of the time. I want to live I want to work.

Blessings to my book Prayer Poems this year and may it all be paid for and blessed and
may the good lord do good work with my life giving me peace and love and blessings
and peace and hope .
Food clothing, shelter, peace and love and health.

Peace to all and Peace to this apartment and health to Nanette Tron and health to Matthew Tron
Peace to all and Lord give me a Shanandoah and Cobra Tron in Jesus name.

Lord bless us today. I pray in Jesus name . Blessing from Washington.
Lord Listen to your daughter praying.

Blessings from Texas and peace to you Oh Lord.
Hear and grant my petitions.
Lord I love you with an everlasting love.
Peace to my body and peace to my life.

Smartness and wisdom and goodness and good feelings of love and peace.

Amen and Amen.


Blessings to Nanette Carrillo Tron

My name is Nanette Carrillo Tron.
I would like to ask the American people for a blessing.
I was told I was illegal from Mexico most of my life.
This last year they found out I was born American and Washington has the record
without a doubt. Birth certificate, ID card. footprint. and fingerprint and
authenticated certificate from Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas
October 20, 1961. I was born in the U.S.A.

However I was deported. no friends in U.S.A. or Mexico.

Lord bless me and Washington bless me with peace love,
and joy and work.
I was disciplined for working, It was legal and I was told I was retarded.
I do not receive that.
I believe I am smart and blessing to me.

Lord please bless me today with love and happiness and respect.

Lord please bless those who persecute me.

Lord bless me Lord, bless Me Lord.

I had been kissed and sexual with my biological father. Lord
please help me to do well and do something smart with my life.

Lord listen to your child praying. Send me faith send me money send me respect
and love.

Send me a car and a house and blessing.

Oh Lord answer my prayers with yes and Amen.

Hallelujah I will rejoice and be glad!
This year I will put God and health first place in my life
I want a child named Shanandoah and Cobra and Ivory.

Lord send me power.

No More Clinton’s in the White House.

Vote Republican in 2016. Vote for the best man for the job. Blessings. to us and blessings to people like me and Matt.

Blessings to Tron and prayer for our family.
So let us make a peace with Washington, Vote Republican in 2016. Vote for Nanette Carrillo Tron for President write me in
I am a American.

Havenie Shalom Halechem.
Blessings to the President. God bless the U.S.A.

Lord Help me to do good things and write a book and have twins with husband Matt.

I have had thirteen years with Matt. My health has not always been the best.  If you will pray with me I would like the good Lord to bless me and Matt financially and with twins,  I would like to name one Rose Blossom Tron, a son Macy Edwin Tron and if I had another little baby girl Northstar Tron.  I love the names from the Lord and I want to have children as soon as I can .  Please pray for me and bless me I am an Ordained Minister and I want love, and friendship and blessings.  I pray that everyone who reads this will be blessed with health peace and blessings.  Lord please hear my prayer. 

Devotion With Nanette T.

I have prayed and I believe what the world needs now is love.

God is good and he works through people , usually Christian people.

I am an Ordained Minister and Me and my family of three need a car very badly.

My address is 2800 Hirschfield Rd. Apt. 181, Spring, Texas 77373,  I would like a blessing

toward a new car or used one.  I love to write poetry and I love to make friends.  I do not

have many friends, right now, but I would like some more.

Please pray for my health and my deliverance from diabetes.  God bless me and God

bless my family and the U.S.A.   Love someone today.

If I were God I would meet the peoples needs, of food hunger and shelter and work.
I would help everyone to make a good living and work in peace and live in peace.

God help us all and help me to get a job, a house and a car in Jesus name.

Help me lord to make deposits into the bank and save money,  I pray in Jesus

name,  Amen.